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Loardburg 7pc Formal Dining Set

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Step into a grand dining hall where the Lordsburn Collection reigns supreme, its formal elegance commanding attention at every turn. The rectangular dining table stands as the centerpiece, its rich brown tone accentuated by intricate carved details and elaborate trims, evoking a sense of old-world opulence.

Surrounding the table are four side chairs and two arm chairs, each a testament to exquisite craftsmanship and refined taste. Upholstered in sumptuous brown fabric, they provide both comfort and style, inviting guests to indulge in the luxurious dining experience.

As the soft glow of chandeliers illuminates the room, loved ones gather around the Lordsburn Collection, creating cherished memories amidst the backdrop of timeless elegance and sophistication.

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Dining Table 47 x 79 x 103 x 30h

Arm Chair 24 x 26 x 40h

Side Chair 20 x 26 x 40